Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life

These are the top 3 movies that have impacted my life as, a father, a husband and a minister. These aren’t necessarily the 3 best movies I’ve seen or even my 3 favorites, but rather the 3 that have had the most real-world effect on me.

When I’m watching a movie I’m not just using my eyes and ears, all of me is involved in the total experience the movie is offering. I temporarily live in that world with the characters and I’m open to learning whatever I can from the story being told. I’ve probably watched thousands of movies in my lifetime but there are 3 movies that have impacted me greatly and I want to share them with you now.Movies speak to me very deeply; in a way my wife doesn’t really understand.

My first movie is, “Braveheart” starring, Mel Gibson.

It’s a rare thing to find someone who so completely believes in his cause that he’s willing to die for it. Many of us talk a big talk about what we believe but are we willing to literally die for that cause we’re so passionately defending? Apparently William Wallace did!

One particular scene that touched me deeply was when Wallace told Robert the Bruce he would follow him if he took up the mantle of leadership and led the people the right way. The Bruce looked at Wallace with a completely new revelation.

This, more than anything else revealed Wallace’s heart and clearly defined his motives, it showed that he was more interested in serving the people than being served.

And this is the unmistakable mark of a true leader, to serve others unconditionally without desire for reward or personal gain, the very thing I’ve been struggling with in my own life and ministry for many years. Cultivating the heart of a true servant leader. Wallace clearly defined this attribute and inspired me to pursue it more diligently. Freeeeeeeedom!!!

Next is, “Fifty First Dates” starring, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Even though the opening scene is a bit raunchy this movie had an all round positive impact on me.

Sandler’s character willingly chose to put himself in a marriage where he would literally HAVE to win his wife’s love all over again EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIFE FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVED!

Every morning this woman would remember nothing about him… Nothing! Everyday he’d wake up a total stranger to her and would have to live that day so she’d fall in love with him all over again.

The power of this concept is unsurpassed! This spoke loudly to me because it’s what we all, as husbands, are supposed to be doing anyway – Winning our wife’s love every day! Most of us forget this.

Instead, we fall into a rut and find it so easy to take each other for granted. I believe if we all worked as hard on improving our marriages as we do on improving our careers we would each enjoy married bliss! Instead we’ve bought into the lie that all we need is love. A successful marriage takes hard work and Sandler’s character epitomizes what the ideal husband’s attitude should be.

The third movie that simply blew my mind away is, “March of the Penguins”, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Wow! What an awesome display of unadulterated fatherhood! The Mom’s role wasn’t too shabby either but being a male myself the father’s role is what really got me.

I see this movie as an unmistakable beacon of hope, if our animal cousins operating solely on instinct can demonstrate such self-sacrifice in protecting and nurturing their young, should we who boast a superior intellect do any less?

This movie establishes an ideal for fathers of the human variety to strive for. It clearly defines a father’s position and what sacrifices he should be willing to make for his children.

So, there you have it, the top three movies that have impacted me deeply.

This is the reason when I’m settled down to watching a good movie it’s almost like I’m in church. There’s an invisible “Do Not Disturb” sign around my neck because even though I’m there to be entertained I’m also trying to learn as much as I can on becoming a better husbandHealth Fitness Articles, father and all round better person.


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