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MovieFlix iѕ a free mobile аррlісаtіоn for movies and series thаt is mаkіng the buzz in the оnlіnе еntеrtаіnmеnt industry. Watching HD mobile movies оr TV ѕhоwѕ аrе definitely thе best еntеrtаіnmеnt choices accessible fоr anybody at any time, аnd applications lіkе MovieFlix make it easy for movie download and streaming for free. This арр hаѕ gаіnеd a grеаt рорulаrіtу among movies and series fаnѕ duе tо іtѕ аmаzіng fеаturеѕ like watching newest and HD movies you can also chat with friends and rate all movies box in our app for Android platform which kеерѕ gеttіng uрdаtеd rеgulаrlу.


App Name: MovieFlix
version: 1.0
License: Free
Updated On: 15 NOV 2018
File Size:  5 MB
Operating System: Android
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Category: Video Streaming, Entertainment
Features: Watch HD movies and TV shows
Author: MovieFlix Team
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It іѕ a new mobile movies application thаt lets уоu watch, download and ѕtrеаm lаtеѕt HD mоvіеѕ, Series and TV shows and download them fоr frее. MovieFlix has аn extraordinary design and User interface thаt саn bе viewed whenever уоu wаnt. Tо wаtсh movie apps on MovieFlix, Users just nееd tо hаvе a mobile app аnd a gооd іntеrnеt соnnесtіоn. It works оn Andrоіd. Yоu саn wаtсh HD mobile movies and уоur fаvоrіtе Series appears in High dеfіnіtіоn ԛuаlіtу.


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The Best New App for Free Movie Streaming and Downloads

Turn out the lights, grab your bowl of popcorn, and get under the covers.

It’s movie time.

With our new mobile movie app, you can make every night movie night. Watch all your favorite movies with our free movie streaming!

What’s better than movie night?

Whether you are into horror, comedy, or cheesy romances, you want to have a quality movie platform where you can watch all your favorites (and new movies!) for free. Of course, you could shell out big bucks for sites like Netflix and Hulu, but we believe there’s a better use of your money. What big movie streaming conglomerates fail to realize is that many people live on a budget. If that sounds like you—if you are living paycheck to paycheck—it’s time to ditch the expensive streaming sites and go for our app, which allows you to watch HD mobile movies in minutes!

Not convinced? Let’s take a second and look at the many highlights a free movie downloader and streamer will offer you!

Family Movie Night

What better way to spend time with your family than by watching a movie? Growing up, family movie night was always one of my favorite nights of the month. Sitting there with Mom and Dad, I became completely engrossed in the stories that played out in front of me on the TV. I still remember those nights clearly.

You can offer the same opportunity to your family with our mobile movie app! Make the night special. Pass around the popcorn while you watch a fun, family-friendly movie with your children. Enjoy a precious moment as you watch your child’s favorite movie—for the one hundredth time. Better yet, show them that movie you used to watch with your mom and dad.

Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with our app, which offers only the best video-streaming quality.

Romantic Night Out

So here you are.

It’s just you and your girl.

Finally, the two of you have some alone time together. After a busy week of work, you are happy that you finally have some quality time to spend with her—and you know she’s happy too. To make up for the lost time, you offer to watch a movie with her. She readily agrees and is impressed with your new app, which stands heads and shoulders above other free movie apps.

Now the atmosphere is set. You cuddle together on the couch. One blanket covers both of you, and as the monster on the screen in front of you roars, she buries her head deeper into your shoulder.

You smile—it’s the perfect night.

Because of your limited budget, none of it would have been possible without your new movies app, which allows you to stream new movies at the touch of your screen. You put your arm around your girl and smell her apple-scented hair as she changes position in your lap.

You realize that downloading our new movie app was the best decision you ever made.

Never Be Bored Again

It’s the weekend. Finally.

You’ve been waiting all week to have a day of rest. All week, you envisioned yourself spending the best time imaginable—hanging out with friends, going on a date, partying…

Yeah, about that.

Turns out, everybody else had other plans. Now you are left alone to salvage your weekend, and that’s no fun at all…

Until you remember you downloaded our great new app a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

You open the app and are amazed at the quality of the layout and the immense selection offered to you. For a moment you hesitate. Surely an app this good can’t really be for free. You almost close it and find something else to do.

Thankfully, your better instincts take over, and you click a title to see what happens. To your surprise, a full, HD stream of a recent movie loads. You stand for a moment, shocked that this could really be happening, and then pause the movie.

You have a lot to do—popcorn to make, sodas to grab.

Looks like this weekend will be fun after all.

The Competition

Let’s take a moment and examine the competition. There are several movie apps out there that claim to offer quality streaming and download services. However, if you look closer, you find that they offer a very limited selection of movies. What’s worse, these movies are often so filled with ads that they are unwatchable.

And that kind of defeats the point.

We’d like to offer you a quality watch movies online free app that will allow you to watch your favorite movies when you want, where you want—at no cost to you! We believe that everyone should have the ability to enjoy themselves. Watching movies shouldn’t just be for the privileged. Stay in on the loop on all new and groundbreaking movies so that you aren’t left behind when everyone starts talking.

Our quality streaming gives us a crucial edge over our competitors. Because we offer mobile movies free download (of course only with top quality, HD streams!), we have a leg up over all our competitors who scam you into downloading their terrible apps. We don’t think that you should only have access to low-quality, ad-ridden streams just because you are on a budget. You deserve to see movies as they were meant to be seen—uninterrupted and in pure, undeniable HD.

If you’ve been searching for a way to download movies free for Android, you have come to the right place. Our movie downloader for Android cannot be topped by the competition.

We know because we’ve seen it.

When testing our app, we viewed all our competitors’ apps just to see what they were offering. And the answer is this: nothing much. Don’t waste your time giving business to people who just want to use you for a quick bit of ad revenue.

Instead, come to the best. Unlike our competitors, we actually care about offering you a quality product that can’t be beaten.

Don’t believe us?

Download and see for yourself.
For the Addicts

Are you addicted to series? You are not alone. As an avid TV fan, I have gotten addicted to several different series across the years.

My current obsession is Grey’s Anatomy.

I go through shows like some people go through clothes. When I see a series, I become instantly hooked and don’t even bother to stop watching. Instead, I sit for hours at a time, curled up in bed, letting the episodes autoplay until completion.

I know it’s an addiction.

And I don’t care.

That’s why I helped create this new app, which is the best for viewing HD streams of all your favorite series—for absolutely free!

It’s time to stop spending big money on expensive movie and TV streaming websites to watch content that’s available online—for free and in HD. Though it’s certainly trendy to use sites like Netflix and Hulu, the money you spend on these sites could be spent in much better ways (or even saved). Now is the time to start thinking smart and take advantage of your resources to save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Does This Sound Like You?

The latest Star Wars movie has just come out, and, as expected, it is a ground-breaking hit. You want to go see it, but you just don’t have thirty dollars to spend at the movie theater.

So you go online and start searching. You look up things like “movie 4 android” and “best free movie download app for android.”

A lot of apps come up, but when you try them out, they’re all disappointing. You sigh and head to bed. I guess there will never be a way to watch quality free streams of all the latest movies, you think.

Until you find us.

When you open our app, you are surprised by the organized design. You are also delighted that your system hasn’t been bombarded with tons of spam advertisements that refuse to close. After a second of browsing, you find the movie you wanted to see and click on it.

And there it is in beautiful HD. You turn off the lights and get in bed. You have two hours of the latest blockbuster to see, and you are going to watch it in style.

Don’t Knock Us Until You’ve Tried Us

Understandably, there’s a lot of stigma out there concerning free movie apps. This is because most (meaning everyone but ours) of these apps provide only low quality streams and are chock-full of ads. Worse yet, many of these sites do not actually have the movies they claim to have. Instead, they have messages saying “Sorry, this file is currently unavailable.”

Let me ask you this: what’s the point in a movie app if you don’t have any movies?

Obviously, the answer is there is no point. Instead of fixing these problems, however, most app creators just leave their apps in this state. And that’s because they don’t care about providing you with a quality, movie streaming service. All they care about is making a quick buck off your visit.

That’s why, if you didn’t know, their sites are so full of ads that your movie watching experience is all but ruined. One wrong click or touch of the screen and another ad appears, taking you off your movie and sometimes forcing you to rewatch the entire thing.

What’s the fun in that?

We strive to offer you a movie viewing experience that is the total opposite. We believe that you should watch movies—not ads.

That’s why we are offering you a service unlike any other.

Make a Memory

If there’s one thing about the power of film, it is its power to create powerful and long-lasting memories.

By this, I don’t just mean memories of excellent films that you have watched, but memories of experiences that last a life-time. This could be your first movie date or a very special movie night out with a friend you haven’t seen in years. Whatever the case turns out to be, there’s no real better way to make a memory than by watching a quality film. It can truly stick with you for years.

Imagine this: twenty years from now you are walking with your wife through the store. Suddenly, on the shelf, you see a copy of a movie you watched decades ago on your first date. You remember how you had been so excited to show her your new free movie streaming app, and you remember how the movie date had been a roaring success.

Obviously, it had kept her by your side for the next twenty years.

When you point it out to your wife, her hand immediately moves to her heart. You can see in her eyes that she is remembering something very dear to her heart. You give her a small kiss, and you both laugh.

It might be crazy to think, but this type of experience is available to you for absolutely no cost. By downloading our new app, you will be able to stream quality movies that will make both of you happy. You will be able to form special relationships and create memories of a lifetime—all for free.

Our Vision

We are excited to offer you the best in free, HD movie streaming for Android. We know that you will absolutely love our product. This is because we are completely, 100% committed to you in everything that we do. Whether it be app design, stream quality, or our always zero costs, we put you first in all that we do so that you will have a movie and series streaming product that you deserve. This will always be our vision. We invite you to download our app now to start enjoying today!

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